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Valtrex (valacyclovir) is a prescription medicine intended for the treatment of infections created by the herpes infection - such as shingles and genital herpes. Your health and wellness treatment carrier may additionally prescribe Valtrex for some other conditions and you will certainly should take it precisely as recommended to see to it you are profiting from the treatment as a lot as possible. Tell your medical professional if you are taking any sort of medicines understood to create interactions with Valtrex - such as methotrexate, drugs used to avoid body organ transplant rejection, IV prescription antibiotics, medications used to deal with ulcerative colitis, antiviral medications, discomfort or arthritis medicines, lithium, cancer cells medications, and any other products you acquire online or at your regional pharmacy. Some clinical problems you have might call for an amount modification, so you will certainly should alert your medical supplier of the truth of having liver condition, acquired immunodeficiency disorder, troubles with your invulnerable system, human immunodeficiency pc virus infection, or renal illness. Light side results are possible and could consist of headache, constipation, throwing up, upset belly, diarrhea or loose stools.

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